N..Y..S..C Ordeal ?



Hey guys! So I have a little problem with consistency and it’s been about eight months since I posted anything and quite frankly, a lot has changed. I started this blog to express my love for prints and advertise my products but I’ll also use this platform to share and express my love for Life, Family, Friends, God and every other thing I like…and don’t like hehe. 

Anyway, I’m finally done with NYSC yay me! I’ve heard people say “this nysc thing is pointless” and I used to be one of them but I’ve come to realise that although Nysc does pay very little and might seem like it wastes a chunk of our time, its time for one to grow in every aspect of Life. It buys you time and gives you the opportunity to really reflect on how you want to shape your future and “whats next” after this one year chapter. I found out about the skill and acquisition part of the programme where you’re taught how to make bags, shoes, beads, hats, perfumes, insecticides etc hence the initiation of my bag line. Although I worked in an office where little gets done daily, I can still say I gained some experience and got to know a little about the civil service system in Nigeria.


The very challenging part about being a youth corper was this “CDS group” thing I talked about in my previous post here though annoying but taught me quite a lot. We had the opportunity to carry out sensitisation on HIV/AIDS and during the recent outbreak of Ebola we also informed the public about it in our own little way. 99% of the time we embarked on this outreach, it was under the very hot Nigerian sun! damn! I really don’t know if it was worth it but looking back, it wasn’t actually a total waste of my time.

                                                                       (ignore my funky hairline x_x) 


The highlight of my nysc year was starting up my bag line and being part of a 3 man committee that organised a woman empowerment seminar that was sponsored by Casiena Foundation which was all about empowering young girls and teaching them useful skills. We were able to get some very big names in the state like the Commissioner for Women Affairs, United Nations Population Fund (UNFPA) representative, Ebonyi State Agency for Aids (EBOSACA) Chairman and Owner Casiena Foundation to attend the seminar and give the girls lessons and talks on Empowerment, prevention of  HIV/AIDS and other STD’s.
This past one year has made me see life from a different perspective, made me aware of certain things in the society, made me see how things actually work in Nigeria and most importantly it has taught me to continuously take out the positive in every situation. I would say I’m glad I  embarked on this nysc journey the time I did.


oh btw…that nice print bag is from my MunaMuoneke bag line 🙂
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