Pet Rescue

Hey guys! So I promised to come back with some Joel and Victoria Positivity. I was having one of those moody days and came across this book  “Its Your Time” by Joel Osteen.
I didn’t know about him until I saw my friend listening to one of his sermons on youtube as she made a wonderful okro soup for me hehe.  I got interested in his sermons and ever since it has helped keep me on the positive track…thanks Humsky!

Now back to this book, I flipped through a few pages and really got inspired so i decided to share with you guys I haven’t finished the book sha.  As human beings when things get tough we tend to loose hope, we say  “I can’t” “this is too hard” or “ I’m not equipped for this” lol, who is then ? we tend to forget that we all have a purpose in life and we actually never know how close we are to our goals just before giving up!


A few weeks ago something very weird happened and I see it as God talking to me. So I was playing this “Pet Rescue” game on my phone, I needed to rescue 2 pets and get 45000 points. It was one of those mystery quests that you have to wait agesss before getting to the next level and I had been on it for a bit. It got too hard and I told myself I would never make it to the next stage “this is harder than I thought” “I’ll never be able to rescue these pets”. As this voice in my head kept on going my hands kept on playing. I didn’t give up on the pets, my hands completely disregarded the voices in my head. Another voice said “but the next stage is there to be conquered, you cant be stuck here forever” so I kept on playing. Before I knew it, I had rescued 7pets and hit 71000 points!
Now this might seem like a silly game, but it made me realise something. Earlier that day I had told myself something very similar, I had goals but that same voice told me I can never achieve them, it told me to reduce my ambitions and goals, it told me its absolutely impossible to get there. For a few hours that morning I was moody but after I rescued even 5more pets than i was supposed to,I had a new view. I just need to keep pushing and never give up, my dreams are Valid and I can achieve even more than my goals and so can you! Its all possible (Just ask Saint Rita, Saint of the Impossible).  Be a prisoner of hope and watch everything fall into place in your favour.
Thank you pet rescue, for making me believe and hope again!








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