Florals and Sunshine

Hey guys! Weekend is over and for my 9-5 people it’s the same routine alll over again. BUT it’s a privilege to be alive today so face each day with joy, happiness and a stomach full of food because as some people would say “This Life is a pot of beans (or bag of chips lol)”.  We should always make a conscious effort to reflect daily on God’s goodness in our lives and just say THANK YOU LORD.

Most of the time we take life for granted not realising how lucky we are to be alive. We always want or long for more that we forget to thank God for what we have! So let’s make it a habit to always say Thank you LORD and learn to LIVE while we’re alive.




My sister wrote us a long speech this morning and I’m going to share it (copy and paste basically) with everyone becauses I feel we all need to incorporate one or two of these in our lives.
“Ndi be anyi (My people) let’s find joy in most things we do. Let things slide (eg someone scratching our car or gateman annoying us. Am still perfecting this…it’s difficult but worth it). Eat healthy and exercise as much as we can(sounds cliche but pls lets do it). Call the parents as often as possible. Call our siblings. Keep in touch with the friends that matter (yes the world is coming to an end but hmmm we might still be here in 50 years time and friends are as important as family). Make a conscious effort to have a good day. Pray always (I don’t pray as much as I used to asin kneel in the morning and night and maybe say the Rosary…but I can’t count how many short prayers I say in a day and once in the car, I pray before I put my shakiti bobo on). Take time out to reflect on things and better ourselves. Take corrections. Give gifts…just put a smile on someone’s face (they will never forget how you made them feel). Ike agwugom etype (i’m tired of typing) but pls guys add your’s . Show love…to everyone including the motherless babies(I have been saying I will go but up till now, I still dey here). I Don’t know but just felt like saying this to you guys. I love you guys…family is everything. Lol, no nothing is wrong…just felt the need to send you guys this.”
I feel like this is a “pose” my mum would do. like mother like daughter hehe






About my outfit, I wore this floral print blouse from Lush with a high waisted jean from Primark to a baby shower. To make the look fit for the occasion, I threw on a chunky necklace (not a big fan of jewellry so i stopped there) and this Vince Camuto court shoes that I “borrowed” from my sister.


Hope you guys got a thing or two from this post, thanks for stopping by!



  1. Well you sure look very beautiful than I have been able to imagine from way back. Good outfits too. Well, I guess this blog is about your fashion or do you mind acquainting me with it? Well done. I think you are doing well.

  2. Yh it's about what I wear and what I find interesting in terms of fashion. and a little bit of other things that interest me as well. I'll put up a page explaining this soon. Thanks for stopping by 🙂

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