HAPPY NEW YEAR people! Yes yes I know it’s already day 10 into the year but better late than never right?! The very much awaited 2016 is finally here and we are lucky to have made it, that means new opportunities and more blessings! Now I’m sure most of us have started hearing the “New year new me” brouhaha and the very popular resolutions. I’m not an ardent believer of new year resolution because I think we should always try to be better versions of ourselves everyday.


So I’m going to share with you guys a few things from my “new day resolution” list.

1.   Be nice, but don’t be a fool
2.   Forgive
3.   Be happy
4.   Give to the poor, nothing is too small
5.   Do not Judge
6.   Focus..Focus…Focus
7.   May I conquer LAZINESS in Jesus name!
8.   Keep being an Optimist
9.   Listen to understand…not to reply
10. Pray more
11. Read something
12. Think before you speak
13. Family (+friends that have become family) = Everything, always pray for them
14. Exercise…it won’t kill you
15. Be strong!






 Btw this wig is amazing! such a life saver, I’ll definitely do a post on it soon.










sandals – primark
 high waist jeans – asos
shirt – thrifted
bag – munamuoneke



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