Styling Sneakers and A Dress



Hey guys! Who’s almost ready for the weekend?! Pardon me but this post was supposed to have gone up since Sunday or so but because I suck at consistency (which I’m currently working on) It’s coming today. So last weekend was the fashion cookout event and I decided to go check it out with my friend Humsky who almost took the stalls home!
We first went to Bistro 7 to chill just to let the event start before going, but we still went early I think cos they weren’t that much people there at the time.

Anyhoo, a couple weeks..or months ago I talked about jumping on the sneakers/dress bandwagon, remember? No? okay read here. I must say I’m actually loving it cos the sneakers are so comfortable and I paired them with this LBD outfit from this post hereI honestly think I played it a lil safe because it’s a really simple and plain dress but then the sneakers are quite colourful so it’s all part innit. I’m still going to keep trying out this trend until I quench my thirst for it…or not hehe.





What do you guys think about the outfit and the trend in general? Would you try this look or have you tried it in the past? Share your thoughts and link to your pictures in the comment section I’d like to see and get more inspiration hehe. Don’t forget to follow, share and comment!

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