In My Pinafore Pants


Happy new week guys! This post was supposed to go up at about 1am but guess who slept off on the keyboard? I know I know, it’s dangerous to sleep with the laptop on the bed cos of over heating I’m forever guilty but working on that  although I heard for macbook the vent  is not under so the hot air blows out into the environment instead of over heating the bed.
*Schreeeeeeeech* Before I digress do you remember my flared pants and vintage post? yes that one, those pants are actually pinafore pants. Remember I also mentioned I was going to do a full post on the pinafore, this is that post.





 Toooo many pictures..hehe thanks to my very patient photographer 😀






Sooooo what you guys think about the pinafore pants? How would you rather wear yours? Don’t forget to leave links below so I can see yours and don’t forget to follow/subscribe! Have a lovely day ahead and…

…Thanks for stopping by!




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