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Hey guys! *covers face* Sorry I’ve been mia…as usual, I should probably stop apologising cos I’m sure you guys are tired of hearing reading it but…I’m sorraaaayyy.

Anyhoo, this is a slightly random and all over the place post but let’s get into it. Since I ventured into bag making I haven’t been getting my nails done as often as I used to and It’s been a little over 7months since I last got my nails done so I wanted to share this mini nail journey. Just like every other girl, nicely done nails give me instant happiness (you’re like that too don’t lie lol) so I decided to get them done and this again is one of the many times I’ve had to discover that everything in Lagos is expensive! In Abakaliki I get my nails done for N2000, in Abuja N3000, only for me to come here and jam N4500 bruh you can imagine my shock! Anyway, I finally made up my mind to checkout our wonderfully expensive estate saloon and see how much they’ll tell me and guess what…it was 3500! Ahh I sharply sat down and told her to do it and the best part was I didn’t have to take uber! (btw use my uber code “munam420ue” to get a whooping N4000 off your first ride!)


On a totally different note, If you’re on my snapchat (why you not there tho, add me up *munamuoneke) you probably remember my trip to Healthy Life Starts, a pain and wellness centre. I went there with the eldest brothur to detoxify and maaahhhnnnn what I saw come out of our body was just very…very NASTY. Before you say anything yours might actually be the very worst cos no matter how clean outside of your body is, your organs and everything on the inside might just be muddy! I’m going to make videos on the whole procedure/advantages just so you guys understand a bit of what I’m on about and it’ll be up on my youtube channel soon. The best part of this procedure is it’s very pocket friendly, trust me!

Before Ionic Detoxification (clean water,clean feet)
 During Ionic Detoxification


Sooo that’s about it for this post, don’t forget to tell me what you think in the comment section and also follow me on snapchat *munamuoneke*. See you guys in my next post and thank you for stopping by!



  1. Likeeee, everything is so expensive! Anyway, it's always a good idea to allow your nails rest for a bit, mine has been resting for 7months it's time to feel like a baby gurl again lool! xx

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