HAPPY NEW MONTH GUYS! We have 4 months till Christmas 2016, Wow right?! When 2016 started it felt like January took a whole year to come and go…now every other month be taking seconds to go! Well, no matter how fast or slow we can’t forget to always say Thank you to the Almighty GOD for bringing us this far!

I honestly don’t want to go into what July did and did not do because I feel 2016 itself has taught me a lot! All I can say is THANK YOU THANK YOU LORD and I hope August and the rest of the year is better than the last for us all, Amen.














About my outfit: Big on big looks really good doesn’t it? The top is actually a dress from new look and the bottom is my one and only pinafore pants from miss Selfridge. Yes it’s the only one I have please feel free to send me some hehe.

Thank you for stopping by!




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