The Bubu Life


Hey guys! How did your Wednesday go? Do you ever have those days you don’t want to wear anything, you basically want to walk around naked but because Eve ate apple you just can’t? Well Saturday was one of them days for me. I decided to me slip on a Bubu instead of nakedness and I loved it! I went to see Suicide Squad in it and it’s safe to say this is the most comfortable outfit ever.



 Purse and feet candy from MunaMuoneke

By the way notice I had absolutely no make up on. Yes I just couldn’t be bothered, besides my foundation was quarter to finish and I ended up entering Casabella to buy an affordable foundation because I was going for a wedding later that day. I initially wanted to wait till I could go to the Maybelline store in Surulere┬áto get their matte foundation cos I have oily skin but you know…Anyways at least now I know they have a store in Lagos all thanks to Beauty In Lagos.




If you’re following me on Instagram you probably have seen a couple of these pictures.


What was your weekend like? Have you seen suicide squad?
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  1. I actually really enjoyed it! When I heard about the bad reviews I started wondering if it I watched the same suicide squad there were talking about. Thanks for reading! xx

  2. Hehe I know right!! Very easy!!! My sister got me this one and she said it's from Lekki arts and craft market. Shouldn't be more than 1k, if you price well you might get it cheaper! I'll be going there soon to add more to my collection!
    Thank you o, suicide squad isn't as bad as people made it seem I personally enjoyed it. xx

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