Planning a Wedding/Event ? Make it Memorable and stress free!

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O-kay ladies now let’s get in for-ma-tion! Haha, how many of you guys read/sang that in Beyonce’s voice? Anytime I look at this picture formation automatically pops into my head because of the way they’re arranged and oh so colourful.

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For all the brides to be and event planners, we’ve come with this amazing package to make life easier for you and make that special day one to remember.
These amazing wedding packages will make your event stand out, save you time and money, and also cancel out the stress of wedding souvenir! So here are the many ways you can take advantage of this opportunity and do it all without breaking the bank.



  •  Souvenir: We can all agree we’ve run out of places to stack all the plastic trays and mugs. I mean the idea is great when you move into a new house and there’s no time to shop for stuff, but these days guests look into their souvenir bags and decide if they want to carry it home or not. At the end of the day you find souvenir bags lying around and you end up regretting why you spent all that money on gifts people won’t take home. So we’ve come to redefine the world of souvenirs with these purses and other amazing wedding/event gift packages (make up purses, wallets, toilet bags etc).


  •  Gifts for Asoebi girls/ Bridal train: Whenever there’s a wedding coming up, people start saving  or looking for where to borrow money. I mean, you need to buy asoebi for traditional wedding, pay for dress and shoe for white wedding, if you want professional makeup and youtube couldn’t put you through you gats also pay for mua. I’ve also heard some people do asoebi for Introduction, wawuuuu. Na so so payment especially if you have a lot of friends getting married around the same time. As the bride, show your appreciation by giving them something special every girl will like and what better way to do that. As they are collecting their asoebi you’re giving it to them or after the wedding, it’s all up to you to decide when!
  • The Asking gift: This is a fun and unique way to ask your girls to be in your train or be in your asoebi. It’s a special way to show your friends how much you value and appreciate their friendship, this way nobody can say no to purchasing that lace (somebody say blackmail, lol).


  • Something for the boys: How can we forget our boys, they also drop huge chunks of money to be in the train as well so the same way we have all these packages for the ladies we also have something for the groom and his guys. Toilet bags, Wallets and so much more. Just get in touch with us and we’ll make it happen!

These purses are just about all the souvenir you need to give, no need to put 10 things in one bag just to make it fuller. With this you’re saving money, time, making your day memorable and saving your guests the stress of looking for where to stack them trays/plastics. Oh and you’re also being eco friendly because no plastic to litter the environment. Talk about killing multiple birds with one stone!



So let us help you achieve your wedding/event  goals by taking some weight off your shoulder! We’ll also be having a promo running from now till December so what are you waiting for!

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