Happy New Month x September Recap



Hey guys, Happy New Month! I feel a tad weird saying “Happy Independence” because those words couldn’t freely make it out of my buccal cavity on the 1st. I was just able to say “Happy New Month” because I mean, the state of the country is just…wawuu. Don’t get me wrong I’m really hopeful that things will turn around and this struggle will be history but for now, I’ll keep the Independence day shenanigans to myself.
How did my September go? It was quite interesting and exciting! A lot just started happening in so little time that I’m still very shocked at how fast everything went.

This is my first month recap/taking stock and I wasn’t really sure how to start, still not sure how to start. So I decided to read through 3 of my fave blogs Cassiedaves, Kacheetee and Miralabelle for some inspiration and trust them not to fail me. I’m going to try and make it as short as possible because I know a lot of words can get boring so without further chit chat let’s dive into it.

Praying: “Novena of our Lady of Perpetual Help” If you’re catholic you’ve probably heard of this Prayer Manual/Novena. If you haven’t, not to worry because it’s on google. Although the one online is slightly different from the book itself, but all the same. It has helped me a lot in the different areas of my life and I would recommend it to catholics (or non-catholics that are interested) to check it out.

Wearing: Ankara shorts and tank top with socks (hoping I’ll work out later)

Sorting: out orders going to Abuja

Enjoying: The holiday

Following: Creative people on social media

Marvelling: at how God can turn things around in a matter of seconds

Looking: forward to when I’ll finally get a camera AND November Mente de Moda. Yass your girl will be one of the Vendors so please be sure to show up and support, I’ll really appreciate it!

Worrying: less about the future after telling God my plans, I don’t need to worry

Reading: Chinua Achebe’s “There was a country”  that I’ve been reading since August…sigh

Wondering: what type of sunscreen to get, Nigerian sun is not for the faint hearted

Hoping: that Gtb will refund my N2,899 within 24hrs after making a purchase that didn’t reflect. I don’t have the energy to go back and forth with them

Wishing: You guys will subscribe to my youtube channel…pretty pls *covers face*

Eating:  Pasta and a delicious beef sauce I made (a different version of Sisi Yemmie’s Jollof pasta)


Loving: Family and Friends…as always!

Watching: EstareLive on youtube

Creating: New designs for my Handbag and Footwear line and New Event packages especially for the modern bride!

Noticing: How everything in Nigeria is expensive, sigh

Waiting: on when I shall blow *Oluwa you there?*

Knowing: I need to put in more energy, time and thought to the things I have planned. Oh and saying a big NO to laziness and procrastination (who can relate?!)

Thankful: For every single thing God has done in my life!

How did I do on my first taking stock post? Was it too long? If you’re a blogger leave your links below I’d like to read yours. If you’re not what are you thankful for and what are your hopes for October? Leave your comments below I’d love to know!

ps: What do y’all think about this short hair? I was really itching to do it and once I got it I couldn’t wait to get it off my scalp. Think wig is the way forward for me right about now. Btw add me on snapchat (munamuoneke) or just snap to add by your right (under Instagram feed).

Thank you so much for stopping by and have a lovely day!




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