A trip to La Campagne


Who’s excited for the new week woot woot! Nobody? lol but who had Jollof and dodo yesterday #dodogang?! I can honestly eat Jollof 7days a week (without the meat tho) and never get bored.
Anyhoo, you must have noticed or not  that my schedule changed up a bit the past few weeks and that’s because I joined a new team early this month. I haven’t been able to put up posts because I find it “somehow” to just draft something and post, I like to somewhat plan my posts that’s why I go days without blogging but hopefully that will change because I’ll start daily vlogs “soonish” so subscribe to my youtube to see whats up! Back to my new team, It’s been a fun and really creative space to be and I’ve had a good time there so far (you can check us out and see what we’re up to here also subscribe here).

So a few weeks after I joined the team we all went on a fun team bonding trip to La Campagne Tropicana Resort in Lagos. On the day of the trip, just when we were prepping to leave, it started raining. Yes, you know the proper lagos rain and flood type of rain…yep that one. We still ventured on this trip regardless and after what seemed like a 2hr journey, we arrived at the resort, settled down and almost 20mins ish later, the rain stopped (is God not wonderful).




These amazing pictures were taken by one the team members Ben, you can check him out on the gram (instagram) @benaitar

la campagne tropicana resort, lekki, lagos


la campagne tropicana resort, lekki, lagos


la campagne tropicana resort, lekki, lagos

We did a whole bunch of team bonding exercise; tug of war, relay, egg race, sack race, and so on. I went on the swing which really made my day because the last time I did that I think I was in primary school!

la campagne tropicana resort, lekki, lagosla campagne tropicana resort, lekki, lagos


la campagne tropicana resort, lekki, lagos
This is how they greet there


la campagne tropicana resort, lekki, lagos
Walking down to the beach I remember thinking to myself “this would be a nice honeymoon destination” but as we had so many fun activities as a group it just made me think if it’ll be this fun with just two people + one night there is 50k and from what I heard, the rooms are very basic!

I think the highlight of my day was looking at the water and thinking how amazing God has been (…aaand the swing aaaand the pictures hehe). Have you ever been to La Campagne or any other resort? Did you go with a group of people, with your partner or alone(don’t worry no judgement)? What did you do and how was it?
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  1. hehe exactly I thought about you when I was writing that part! It must have been a very peaceful, fun lovey dovey experience. I actually don't mind going to another resort as a couple, but not La Campagne tho. Let me go and read your La campagne post again! hehe xx

  2. See enjoyment…. Nice fun pics… This Xmas, I have to be here too… Yeah me too, whenever I am at the beach and look at the way the moves back and forth, I just say God is great


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