5 Stylish Ways To Wear All White


Hey, guys! This post has been in my draft ever since I paid for The Blogger Point all white brunch happening this August. I’ve had a few looks flash in and out of my head and for some reason, I feel I’ll end up with the simplest look. I figured a lot of bloggers who plan to go for the brunch might also be stuck so I decided to do a post on some all white outfit ideas and how you can style them. Regular Muna will go for pants and maybe a slightly dramatic top, but I don’t know if that will work because I’ve noticed I wear a lot of pants these days. Not a bad thing tho, but I miss wearing skirts and they more or less exaggerate my “curves” so why not.

Look 1

All white and blue has never looked better. Yes, call me old school but I absolutely love color coordinating especially if that color is blue or olive green. Initially, I wanted to pair this dramatic bubble top with the dramatically flared pants in look 3 but I noticed it was going to hide the details in the pants and it might look too much.

Look 2

When I talked about wanting to wear a skirt, I had something like this in mind. There’s a problem here tho, I like to be comfortable when I’m around food and this skirt cannot guarantee that. If you’re slacking in the fit fam department like me then you need to “suck belle” inside this skirt. So that means eating before or after is a no no. However (dissertation tinz haha!), if your summer body has fully loaded and you can eat without having to suck it in, then, by all means, carry on my sister.


Look 3

This is the look after my own heart. Actually, look 1 is but I love this look as well. The pants and purse added a little bit of extra extra kini to the look. Big breasted people like me might not be able to wear the top tho unless you have an amazing strapless bra that will pack the babies well.


Look 4

This look is looking live for me for the blogger’s brunch because when food is involved, man has to be free to eat well and still fit into their clothes. If you were wondering, that purse is from my handbag line, MunaMuoneke, you can shop available pieces on Instagram by sending a DM and follow on Instagram here.


Look 5


You guys might have noticed I’m not a dress person, I mostly wear pants and I don’t know how that happened. I wear dresses actually, but only if it’s Boubou and only on weekends, not really the dressy “dress” type and I used to be o. Anyhoo it’s time to start trying out things again because why not. And a loose dress to lunch isn’t such a bad idea!

What look do you guys love more? Lagos bloggers in the house what look should we be expecting to see hehe? I’m really loving the idea of look 4 but you never know sha.

PS: We got a makeover! Yaay us! I finally moved from blogger to WordPress and I’m absolutely loving it! I will be having a “Shop” section open in about a week so you guys can shop all the “MunaMuoneke” goodies.

PPS: My American people in the house I have good news o! You guys will be able to purchase MunaMuoneke products in the USA soon! woop woop, more details coming soon.

Thank you guys for stopping by!



  1. I never knew someone could miss wearing skirts. Lol ! I really can’t remember the last time I wore skirts.
    I love 💕 Looks 3 and 3 and 3.
    What look did you finally settle for ?

    By the way, Nice blog you’ve got here.

    • hehehe thank you girl! The brunch is this weekends and to be honest, I haven’t decided o lool and yess to look 3, my fave after look 1. Thank you for stopping by! xx

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