SME100 Review + Next Edition Expectations


Hey, guys! I’m just going to dive into this post because it’s been a long time coming! I was nominated for SME100 25 Under 25 Entrepreneurs in Nigeria and this post is all about it! SME100 is a platform created to connect entrepreneurs with the resources they need to grow their business. They help young entrepreneurs bring about change in their communities and different fields of interest and I must say recognition is a good way start.

Out of 3500 applications, I made it to the top 100! I was nominated in two categories for my business “MunaMuoneke”. The Fashion¬†category and the Manufacturing and Logistics category. Unfortunately, I didn’t win in any of them but I am so grateful for making it to the nominee list!

When I got the news of my nomination, I was really excited and as expected I went to stalk them and how the previous event went. So before attending this edition, there were certain things I was expecting. However, it didn’t all go the way I expected because…life so I’m going to elaborate more on what I liked and what I didn’t like so much.


What I liked

  • The fact that a platform like this exists, to recognize and encourage young entrepreneurs. Especially in Nigeria where things are harder to achieve. So it’s really good to know that we’re actually doing something great, and not just dilly dallying…you know.
  • It encourages both the nominees and winners to keep up the good work. It also encourages people who have an idea to just go for it!
  • The speakers at the event spoke so well. I particularly¬†enjoyed the speech from Airtel director of communications, Mr. Emeka Oparah, though long but worth it. He started by telling us about his own personal business and ended with good advice for us.
  • Good Networking event, I met Desire Iyama of DesireeIyama (hey Desiree!) and Maryam Salam of The Blogger Point (hey Maryam!). I actually met Maryam a week before at the blogger point event. I made a post about it here and vlogged about both events here. We also got to know about other peoples businesses and finally put faces to business we see daily on social media.
  • Good performance from Ric Hassani, Saeon, Jeff Akoh and the Hosts Akah Nnanni aka Akah Bants and Seyitan Atigarin.
  • Finally, did I mention it felt good to be nominated and recognized for my business? Lol okay, I did.
shameless bathroom selfie had to happen

What I didn’t like so much

  • African time. Yes, you might say it’s expected etc. The only way to stop African time is sticking to your word. If you say an event starts by 6, please start it by 6. This will show people that y’all ain’t playing!
  • I kinda expected the parking lot to be cleared to some extent, at least for the event. Have some sort of agreement with the Terra Kulture or whoever owns the empty land beside it and clear the parking space. Maybe this is me expecting too much, but I mean.
  • The small chops weren’t enough for the nominees. It would be nice to provide enough small chops especially when you know the number of nominees and speakers coming. This one pained me sha, cos I watched the small chops evaporate and I didn’t get any. So I hope there will be enough next time. Unforeseen circumstances do happen anyways.
  • So remember I mentioned I went to stalk the last edition? I noticed the awards were certificates and I expected this edition to have the proper plaque. I guess what they had too is considered a plaque but there’s just something about the “award looking” glass type of plaque that gives the event an extra oomph..if that makes sense.
  • The theme of the event was “Formal” and I understand they can’t control what people decide to wear. However, it would be nice to see all the organizers, hosts and everyone involved in the planning process all in formal outfits. Not that they all weren’t, just a few of them.
  • A lot of people were asking me what the margin was. It would have been nice to see how far or how much votes I had. Basically to know what the difference in votes where and how close or far I was to the finish line.
  • The issue of tickets. It would be nice to tell my plus 1 they don’t have to pay for their ticket you know. I mean, I’m not expected to come alone to an award show I was nominated for, right? So a free plus 1 ticket would actually be appreciated.

In conclusion guys, the event was really good! I’m really blessed with supportive family and friends and I met really nice people. I mean as a blogger I like to dress up and take pictures so that was an opportunity to dress up, chill and have pictures for the gram and blog *shrugs*.

Thank you SME100 Nigeria for a great platform to recognize and encourage young Entrepreneurs, I’m really grateful for the opportunity.


Watch the vlog below!


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