Flood IDP Needs Our Help



So a few days ago, my brother sent me a post on Instagram about a woman (Mrs. Iember Vitalis) that had triplets and was staying in someone’s kitchen because she had no place to stay. She was a victim of the recent flood in Kaduna. He asked me to reach out to the guy who made the original post and see how we can help.  Long story short someone gave her a place to stay in their kitchen. Yes, kitchen because she was already housing a lot of people and only had little space in her kitchen.

Okay okay okay, I know I can’t just disappear for more than a month on here and come back like nothing happened. See ehn, I love blogging but this adulting thing is a struggle o. Especially when you’re all up in your head about the things you’re supposed to do that you’re not doing and all that. Howeverrrrrr, I’ve been pretty consistent on my youtube channel. You should subscribe, at least something to watch when you want to “un-wind”.

L-R: Mother in law, Ukan, Husband, Mother of the triplets

Anyhoo back to the main issue at hand. So I go on Facebook and find the initial post from the guy “Ukan Kurugh”. All the details I needed were on the post but because of the way Nigeria is set up aka 419, I decided to give the guy a call for authenticity sake. When I called, turned out he was going to the market to buy some stuff for the mother and her triplets. He assured me he would give me a call once he got to the woman and also told me about the other people he is raising funds to help. A 4yr old boy with advanced cancer known as Retinoblastoma and a woman who has ovarian cancer.

Fast forward to 6hrs later after I had already concluded it was 419, I see a video call on WhatsApp from him. He apologized for calling late because really you never know how market runs can turn out plus distance to get to where they were. I spoke to the woman, saw the triplets, a girl, and two boys…if I remember correctly and I also spoke to the woman’s mother-in-law. From their faces, you could see the woman was tired but also happy that she was getting help.

Where is the father of the kids you ask? He is an Okada rider in another village. He is barely there and when he found out about the triplets, he disconnected. However, Ukan went to “fish” him out from that village where he was and brought him to meet his family. As at today, he has been able to get help to move the woman and her family into a 2bedroom apartment. I don’t have detailed information on how he got the funds, but people have been of help, donating and all.

I don’t know Ukan from anywhere but I believe he is doing a good job raising funds and helping the less privileged. Ukan’s details are below, you can also give him a call to hear from him straight. The woman in question and her mother-in-law do not have bank accounts so it is hard to get funds directly to them. If you wish to help in any way I advise you please contact him first to clear your doubts before you proceed. Nothing is ever too small and help is always needed.

Ukan Kurugh, 08069082285
Bank: FCMB
Account: 0704204015
Type: Savings

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