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Hey guys! I just got this impromptu feeling to talk about this seemingly normal thing that happened to me. I promise I’m not dramatic, but let me start the story. So, I like to write stuff down before I type them out, no matter what it is, dissertation, tables, charts, I draw it out before I put it either in excel or word. So you can imagine how much A4 paper I use, but I mostly use the back of used ones so I don’t waste paper. You’re probably wondering why I can’t just get a notepad? Lol, I have about 4 notepads, a 2016 Cassidaves blog planner, and Dee Mako’s hdhq planner. However, I like to write organized and planned out stuff there, so I prefer drafting on plain A4 paper. Plus the lines limit me to some point so I prefer where I can determine my line spacing.

peach flared pants and trendy crop top - fashion blogger, Munastiic, Muna Muoneke, natural hair, texlaxed hair

After making draft copies of whatever I need to write and typing it out on my computer, I scrunch the paper and toss them in the bin. This particular act inspired this post. Usually, when I toss them I’m always too careful/scared because I don’t want the paper falling on the floor. So I try not to toss too hard or push my arm too far so I don’t miss it. At the end of the day, it still hits the floor. I remember a few days back when I was about to toss, my inner voice said “Munachi try and toss harder than usual, even if it falls on the floor it doesn’t matter…you toss again and harder” then another voice said “ugh if you put more energy in this tossing, it will fall on the floor o and you’ll end up going to pick it up”. As a lazy geh that I am, I listened to the second voice and as usual, I was scared to toss harder. Guess what happened? It still fell on the floor.

“I learned something from my “pet rescue” addiction, click to read”

peach flared pants and trendy crop top - fashion blogger, Munastiic, Muna Muoneke, natural hair, texlaxed hair

Fast forward to yesterday morning, about that time of the day where I scrunch and toss. I pick the paper, scrunch it and without giving it a thought I put all my energy and toss. In one try, It entered the bin…I made it! I’m sure by now you guys think I’m crazy cos I’m so excited about throwing out paper but I can assure you it’s bigger than that.

Here’s what I learned from the tossing:

  • Don’t overthink situations
  • Whatever you give energy to, you can have
  • Have fun all the way
  • You can’t achieve a different result with the same technique
  • Be open to change
  • Do it afraid


peach flared pants and trendy crop top - fashion blogger, Munastiic, Muna Muoneke, natural hair, texlaxed hair
Full outfit from The5kshop! You can find them on Instagram @the5kshop

Why did I make the toss from yesterday at first try? What did I do differently? I pushed my hand forward and gave it more energy than I usually would. And I did this because I was open to changing my toss skills. I didn’t overthink the tossing and I had fun with the idea of tossing paper in the bin (channeled my inner Lebron James ya know).

To be honest, this is the story of my life. Sometimes most times, I’m too scared to do certain things because I’m too careful and I don’t want to mess it up. Or because I’m such an overthinker that after planning it out in my head and it doesn’t go according to plan I feel thrown off balance. But really, what’s the worst that could happen. I’m gradually learning to not overthink ANYTHING and have fun every step of the way because life is too damn short!

I don’t know how I learned all this from tossing paper in the bin, but I know God talks to us in different ways. And certain things happen at odd times in our lives to teach us something or give us the push we need. Have you ever had to learn a lesson from seemingly little and normal things? Please share with us in the comment section.

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  1. Hi Munachi nice post u got the part where u say u can’t keep doing the same things and expecting different results. And indeed God speaks to us in different ways,even via throwing thrash😅

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