Hiya, welcome to It’s Munastiic! I’ve honestly been dreading updating this “About me” page. Why? I tend to talk a lot and forget important information when I’m put on the spot! But here it is, my name is Muna and this is my little corner.

I had two blogs and a youtube channel before this one but I never really had the motivation to put out anything until I tried a third time. It took me opening my business “MunaMuoneke” to make the decision of successfully owning a blog. How? I needed a platform to show my products and direct people to without having to send WhatsApp pictures (Instagram wasn’t major then). Little did I know God had other plans for me, one thing led to another and now I blog about fashion, lifestyle and sometimes food. I also finally started that youtube channel, where I put out fashion videos like lookbooks, DIY/hack videos, chit chat and random vlogs sharing bits and pieces of my life.

I’m 25 and I blogged about it here, this age doesn’t mean I have it all figured out tho because honestly I DON’T. I’m still dabbling up and down but the most important thing is that in all that dabbling I’m learning to live an intentional and purpose filled life. I’m learning the act of being happy no matter what happens and thankful because there’s a lot to be thankful for.

I know you might be curious about other personal things like my favorite food, if I have a boyfriend, what I love to do etc. You can actually ask me those questions on my snapchat (add me: munamuoneke) because I will be doing a snapchat/Instagram QnA which will be going up on my youtube channel. You can subscribe here to know when it goes up.

I think that’s a lot of words already, and I haven’t even started. See, you can’t get to know me in a day lol so maybe let’s connect on social media because that’s where I share bits and pieces of my life you don’t see on the channel!