My Love Language (+ a very late “Happy New Year”)


*cough cough…Clears cobwebs…looks around* Is anybody home?! Happy New Year guys! I have left this space hanging for a really long time and focused more on other things including my youtube channel. But I think I have mapped out a plan to share the love equally on all platforms.

2017 was a whole lot of mess to be completely honest, but in every situation, we still thank God for everything. 2018 however, is turning out to be a great year already and I am 100% positive that it has come with a lot of blessings now and beyond.


how to style red skirt, pixie cut on black girl - love language

So it was Valentine’s day last week, and of course, it came with its usual buzz. I’m never really hyped about Val’s day and it got me thinking what my love language is. Weirdly I was looking through Jennifer Amani’s Insta story and came across this website that helps you figure out your love language.

It took about 4mins and this is what my final result came to:

  1. Acts of service
  2. Quality time
  3. Words of Affirmation
  4. Receiving gifts
  5. Physical touch

how to style red skirt, pixie cut on black girl - love language

At the end of the result, they would encourage you not to judge other people’s love language. Because how you feel/express love is not how every other person will, we’re all different and feel things differently. Howeverrrrrr, this result doesn’t mean I don’t like receiving gifts o. In fact, I love gifts (who doesn’t), I just don’t think Vals day is all about gift giving. I’m more of a “gifting on a random day just because..” type of person.

Anyhoo, what’s your love language? And what did you get up to on Val’s day?

how to style red skirt, pixie cut on black girl - love language

About my Outfit

This red skirt is actually 11yrs old! Older than some of y’all on the internet. It was an asoebi for my sisters and me for our parents Silver Jubilee in 2007. I don’t know where my mum got the fabric from but I need to ask her because the skirt is still as good as new! When I brought it out in 2014 to wear I even had to mend it because it was too big, means I lost a lot of the baby fat from when I was younger, hehe!

Do watch the video below to know where the rest of the outfit is from.




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Hey guys! I just got this impromptu feeling to talk about this seemingly normal thing that happened to me. I promise I’m not dramatic, but let me start the story. So, I like to write stuff down before I type them out, no matter what it is, dissertation, tables, charts, I draw it out before I put it either in excel or word. So you can imagine how much A4 paper I use, but I mostly use the back of used ones so I don’t waste paper. You’re probably wondering why I can’t just get a notepad? Lol, I have about 4 notepads, a 2016 Cassidaves blog planner, and Dee Mako’s hdhq planner. However, I like to write organized and planned out stuff there, so I prefer drafting on plain A4 paper. Plus the lines limit me to some point so I prefer where I can determine my line spacing.

peach flared pants and trendy crop top - fashion blogger, Munastiic, Muna Muoneke, natural hair, texlaxed hair

After making draft copies of whatever I need to write and typing it out on my computer, I scrunch the paper and toss them in the bin. This particular act inspired this post. Usually, when I toss them I’m always too careful/scared because I don’t want the paper falling on the floor. So I try not to toss too hard or push my arm too far so I don’t miss it. At the end of the day, it still hits the floor. I remember a few days back when I was about to toss, my inner voice said “Munachi try and toss harder than usual, even if it falls on the floor it doesn’t matter…you toss again and harder” then another voice said “ugh if you put more energy in this tossing, it will fall on the floor o and you’ll end up going to pick it up”. As a lazy geh that I am, I listened to the second voice and as usual, I was scared to toss harder. Guess what happened? It still fell on the floor.

“I learned something from my “pet rescue” addiction, click to read”

peach flared pants and trendy crop top - fashion blogger, Munastiic, Muna Muoneke, natural hair, texlaxed hair

Fast forward to yesterday morning, about that time of the day where I scrunch and toss. I pick the paper, scrunch it and without giving it a thought I put all my energy and toss. In one try, It entered the bin…I made it! I’m sure by now you guys think I’m crazy cos I’m so excited about throwing out paper but I can assure you it’s bigger than that.

Here’s what I learned from the tossing:

  • Don’t overthink situations
  • Whatever you give energy to, you can have
  • Have fun all the way
  • You can’t achieve a different result with the same technique
  • Be open to change
  • Do it afraid


peach flared pants and trendy crop top - fashion blogger, Munastiic, Muna Muoneke, natural hair, texlaxed hair
Full outfit from The5kshop! You can find them on Instagram @the5kshop

Why did I make the toss from yesterday at first try? What did I do differently? I pushed my hand forward and gave it more energy than I usually would. And I did this because I was open to changing my toss skills. I didn’t overthink the tossing and I had fun with the idea of tossing paper in the bin (channeled my inner Lebron James ya know).

To be honest, this is the story of my life. Sometimes most times, I’m too scared to do certain things because I’m too careful and I don’t want to mess it up. Or because I’m such an overthinker that after planning it out in my head and it doesn’t go according to plan I feel thrown off balance. But really, what’s the worst that could happen. I’m gradually learning to not overthink ANYTHING and have fun every step of the way because life is too damn short!

I don’t know how I learned all this from tossing paper in the bin, but I know God talks to us in different ways. And certain things happen at odd times in our lives to teach us something or give us the push we need. Have you ever had to learn a lesson from seemingly little and normal things? Please share with us in the comment section.

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How I Deal With My Hair “Insecurity”


Hey guys! I’m going to be talking about my not so serious “hair insecurity” alongside this style post. If you’ve been following me for a bit, you already know my front hair has been disrespecting me since 1992. Sometime last year I came across the name “Alopecia” which is a type of hair loss that occurs when your immune system mistakenly attacks hair follicles. This made me happy because I thought I had finally found the issue.  A few days later I found out Alopecia is usually temporary and this took me back to square one of wondering what the problem is. Oh did I mention my grandma and sister has the same issue? But it’s different with theirs because at some point in their lives they actually had full edges…I’ve never had that.

how to style a ruffle top and pinafore midi skirt-hair insecurity-fashion and lifestyle blogger- nigerian youtuber how to style a ruffle top and pinafore midi skirt-hair insecurity-fashion and lifestyle blogger- nigerian youtuber

To be honest, this was not at all an insecurity up until 2-3 yrs ago. I have always loved to pack my hair up and be on my way, but when people started making comments about it, that was when I started noticing how “bad” it was. It never bothered me in school because my close friends and family were used to it and nobody talked about it because it was just a part of life. However, as you grow you start noticing more stuff about yourself. So I became hair conscious and really tried to cover up my receding hairline. I went natural a couple times to see if it would help but nope. One thing I loved about being natural was that it gave the illusion of a full front hair. But I realized natural hair isn’t for everybody and it definitely isn’t for me ( a story for another day). Long story short, I actively started looking for remedies and at some point in my life for about a day or two, I considered taking hair growth pills. They’re probably not bad o, I just don’t think it’s that serious for me yet. I might consider taking something for it later in life after I’ve had series of conversations with my doctor, but right now…I’m good!


how to style a ruffle top and pinafore midi skirt-hair insecurity-fashion and lifestyle blogger- nigerian youtuber

If you read my 25 lessons in 25 yrs post you’d see I mentioned how I’ve made peace with it. I mean, I have to choose my battles wisely. I can’t be having headache ontop hair line. Besides having weaves, wigs, and braids legit give me a headache which is one of the reasons I prefer to just wear my hair out.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying wigs and co can cause headaches, I’ve just always had this recurring headache that I try to eliminate anything that triggers it.  I still have my wigs tho and I’m on the verge of purchasing a new one. Anyhoo, my relationship with my hair is a very tricky one because I love to manipulate it a lot. I get bored of having the same style for too long so I always crave something different. Which is why I have been up and down with my natural hair journey. In 2014 I was team natural, then I relaxed it mid-2015. December 2015 I did another big chop and started all over again. I got bored Aug this year and relaxed it again, now I want to cut it and dye it blonde. I don’t know what that will look like but I know I’ll be giving it a try. Highest if I don’t like it I’ll dye it back and move on with my life. See, it’s just hair and it shouldn’t be giving us that much headache.

how to style a ruffle top and pinafore midi skirt-hair insecurity-fashion and lifestyle blogger- nigerian youtuberTo conclude this epistle, I guess what I’m trying to do here is encourage you to rock what you have. If you can feel confident and beautiful with extensions you should also take care of what you have naturally so you can feel confident and beautiful in it. Beneath all the falsies, the wig, nails etc be confident in yourself and know that you’re absolutely beautiful without them. One thing I’ve realized for sure is that your confidence level equals how dope you think you are and that is the level of dope other people will see in you. Trust that you are beautiful in your own damn self and don’t let anybody tell you different.

how to style a ruffle top and pinafore midi skirt-hair insecurity-fashion and lifestyle blogger- nigerian youtuber

About my outfit:

If you follow me on Instagram (@munastiic) you already know this outfit is from my recent collab with The5kshop. For my new visitors, The5kshop is an affordable online clothing store! Check them out, they have really nice pieces and their prices are ahhhmazing!

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Flood IDP Needs Our Help



So a few days ago, my brother sent me a post on Instagram about a woman (Mrs. Iember Vitalis) that had triplets and was staying in someone’s kitchen because she had no place to stay. She was a victim of the recent flood in Kaduna. He asked me to reach out to the guy who made the original post and see how we can help.  Long story short someone gave her a place to stay in their kitchen. Yes, kitchen because she was already housing a lot of people and only had little space in her kitchen.

Okay okay okay, I know I can’t just disappear for more than a month on here and come back like nothing happened. See ehn, I love blogging but this adulting thing is a struggle o. Especially when you’re all up in your head about the things you’re supposed to do that you’re not doing and all that. Howeverrrrrr, I’ve been pretty consistent on my youtube channel. You should subscribe, at least something to watch when you want to “un-wind”.

L-R: Mother in law, Ukan, Husband, Mother of the triplets

Anyhoo back to the main issue at hand. So I go on Facebook and find the initial post from the guy “Ukan Kurugh”. All the details I needed were on the post but because of the way Nigeria is set up aka 419, I decided to give the guy a call for authenticity sake. When I called, turned out he was going to the market to buy some stuff for the mother and her triplets. He assured me he would give me a call once he got to the woman and also told me about the other people he is raising funds to help. A 4yr old boy with advanced cancer known as Retinoblastoma and a woman who has ovarian cancer.

Fast forward to 6hrs later after I had already concluded it was 419, I see a video call on WhatsApp from him. He apologized for calling late because really you never know how market runs can turn out plus distance to get to where they were. I spoke to the woman, saw the triplets, a girl, and two boys…if I remember correctly and I also spoke to the woman’s mother-in-law. From their faces, you could see the woman was tired but also happy that she was getting help.

Where is the father of the kids you ask? He is an Okada rider in another village. He is barely there and when he found out about the triplets, he disconnected. However, Ukan went to “fish” him out from that village where he was and brought him to meet his family. As at today, he has been able to get help to move the woman and her family into a 2bedroom apartment. I don’t have detailed information on how he got the funds, but people have been of help, donating and all.

I don’t know Ukan from anywhere but I believe he is doing a good job raising funds and helping the less privileged. Ukan’s details are below, you can also give him a call to hear from him straight. The woman in question and her mother-in-law do not have bank accounts so it is hard to get funds directly to them. If you wish to help in any way I advise you please contact him first to clear your doubts before you proceed. Nothing is ever too small and help is always needed.

Ukan Kurugh, 08069082285
Bank: FCMB
Account: 0704204015
Type: Savings

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SME100 Review + Next Edition Expectations


Hey, guys! I’m just going to dive into this post because it’s been a long time coming! I was nominated for SME100 25 Under 25 Entrepreneurs in Nigeria and this post is all about it! SME100 is a platform created to connect entrepreneurs with the resources they need to grow their business. They help young entrepreneurs bring about change in their communities and different fields of interest and I must say recognition is a good way start.

Out of 3500 applications, I made it to the top 100! I was nominated in two categories for my business “MunaMuoneke”. The Fashion category and the Manufacturing and Logistics category. Unfortunately, I didn’t win in any of them but I am so grateful for making it to the nominee list!

When I got the news of my nomination, I was really excited and as expected I went to stalk them and how the previous event went. So before attending this edition, there were certain things I was expecting. However, it didn’t all go the way I expected because…life so I’m going to elaborate more on what I liked and what I didn’t like so much.


What I liked

  • The fact that a platform like this exists, to recognize and encourage young entrepreneurs. Especially in Nigeria where things are harder to achieve. So it’s really good to know that we’re actually doing something great, and not just dilly dallying…you know.
  • It encourages both the nominees and winners to keep up the good work. It also encourages people who have an idea to just go for it!
  • The speakers at the event spoke so well. I particularly enjoyed the speech from Airtel director of communications, Mr. Emeka Oparah, though long but worth it. He started by telling us about his own personal business and ended with good advice for us.
  • Good Networking event, I met Desire Iyama of DesireeIyama (hey Desiree!) and Maryam Salam of The Blogger Point (hey Maryam!). I actually met Maryam a week before at the blogger point event. I made a post about it here and vlogged about both events here. We also got to know about other peoples businesses and finally put faces to business we see daily on social media.
  • Good performance from Ric Hassani, Saeon, Jeff Akoh and the Hosts Akah Nnanni aka Akah Bants and Seyitan Atigarin.
  • Finally, did I mention it felt good to be nominated and recognized for my business? Lol okay, I did.
shameless bathroom selfie had to happen

What I didn’t like so much

  • African time. Yes, you might say it’s expected etc. The only way to stop African time is sticking to your word. If you say an event starts by 6, please start it by 6. This will show people that y’all ain’t playing!
  • I kinda expected the parking lot to be cleared to some extent, at least for the event. Have some sort of agreement with the Terra Kulture or whoever owns the empty land beside it and clear the parking space. Maybe this is me expecting too much, but I mean.
  • The small chops weren’t enough for the nominees. It would be nice to provide enough small chops especially when you know the number of nominees and speakers coming. This one pained me sha, cos I watched the small chops evaporate and I didn’t get any. So I hope there will be enough next time. Unforeseen circumstances do happen anyways.
  • So remember I mentioned I went to stalk the last edition? I noticed the awards were certificates and I expected this edition to have the proper plaque. I guess what they had too is considered a plaque but there’s just something about the “award looking” glass type of plaque that gives the event an extra oomph..if that makes sense.
  • The theme of the event was “Formal” and I understand they can’t control what people decide to wear. However, it would be nice to see all the organizers, hosts and everyone involved in the planning process all in formal outfits. Not that they all weren’t, just a few of them.
  • A lot of people were asking me what the margin was. It would have been nice to see how far or how much votes I had. Basically to know what the difference in votes where and how close or far I was to the finish line.
  • The issue of tickets. It would be nice to tell my plus 1 they don’t have to pay for their ticket you know. I mean, I’m not expected to come alone to an award show I was nominated for, right? So a free plus 1 ticket would actually be appreciated.

In conclusion guys, the event was really good! I’m really blessed with supportive family and friends and I met really nice people. I mean as a blogger I like to dress up and take pictures so that was an opportunity to dress up, chill and have pictures for the gram and blog *shrugs*.

Thank you SME100 Nigeria for a great platform to recognize and encourage young Entrepreneurs, I’m really grateful for the opportunity.


Watch the vlog below!

Lagos Bloggers Brunch #TBP


All white outfit at the lagos bloggers brunch - munastiic All white outfit at the lagos bloggers brunch - munastiic

Hey, guys! If you’re on my Instagram (@munastiic), you already know how The Blogger Point bloggers brunch went for me. If you don’t know what I’m on about, The Blogger Point is a bloggers Agency in Nigeria. They recently hosted a bloggers brunch in Lagos on the 20th of August and it went great!

Basically, the main aim of the event was to bring bloggers together and have a mini seminar/networking event. Some big names in the blogosphere like The Social Prefect, Akin Faminu, Deola, Sharon Ojong and Toyosi (the brain behind desire1709 store) were part of the event as panelists to share with us their success stories. As expected, they dropped some knowledge on us and also very useful business tips for some of us who have our small business by the side.

All white outfit at the lagos bloggers brunch - munastiicAll white outfit at the lagos bloggers brunch - munastiic

I was particularly happy about meeting Toyosi because, after the seminar, she talked to me and a few other people outside and gave us some very useful business/life tips. Maybe I should bring her on the channel to talk to us about how she started her business, challenges and how she’s been able to overcome.

All white outfit at the lagos bloggers brunch - munastiic All white outfit at the lagos bloggers brunch - munastiic All white outfit at the lagos bloggers brunch - munastiic

Anyhoo, collectively here’s what I got out of the event;

  • It’s okay to be confused at the beginning of your blogging journey, test the water and figure out your niche.
  • Don’t be shy to reach out to bloggers and brands for collaboration.
  • Invest in your blogging journey, not every day asking for free stuff, sometimes most times buy the stuff with ya money.
  • Figure out your target audience, both in business and blogging. Know what they want and find out how to give it to them.
  • When collaborating, be bold enough to ask for what you want. But be sure you’re going to add value to the other party. Remember it has to be mutually beneficial.
  • Do not sell yourself short
  • It is okay to decline some offers that are not necessarily in tune with your brand or just one-sided.
  • Be original, stay in your lane and trust your journey.

These are just a few things I got out of the seminar. If you have more to add to this please share with us in the comment section. Be sure to check out official pictures from the event on their website here.

All white outfit at the lagos bloggers brunch - munastiic All white outfit at the lagos bloggers brunch - munastiic

Oh oh oh, did I forget to mention we had a little group exercise and my team won! I won’t be telling you guys what we won until you get to see it, hehe!

PS: Check out my Nysc Experience Video + How I started my Business. Don’t forget to subscribe.

PPS: Watch the vlog below, please do subscribe!
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My NYSC Experience + How I Started My Business


November is around the corner and Nigeria is getting ready to ship the next batch of adults to different parts of the country to “Obey the clarion call” *rolls eyes*. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying don’t serve your country. All I’m saying is Nigeria is making it too damn hard for anybody to continuously and honestly serve her.

This post, however, is not about how the country has failed us. I’m just here to talk about my NYSC experience and how through it, I started my business. I made a video on it because this post has only pictures. So be sure to watch the video to get all the gist. Hopefully, someone somewhere preparing for NYSC will find this useful and get something positive out of NYSC.

I served in Abakaliki, Ebonyi state. Why? Long story, but I summarised it in the video below. During this one year, I learnt the basic skill that helped me start up my business. It was also my first time organising a seminar, seeking for sponsors and also working with an NGO, Casiena Foundation.

I was part of a three man team (Daniel, Clement and Myself…hey guys!) to organise an event/seminar. With the help of our major sponsors, Casiena Foundation and SDC Abakaliki we organised a Women Empowerment Seminar targeted at secondary school girls. The event was a huge success and we had the commissioner for women affairs, Ebonyi State Action Committee on Aids Chairman, United Nations Population Fund representative, owner of Casiena Foundation (aka my Mother) and more people in attendance.

Students were taught how to make soaps, perfumes, insecticides, detergents etc
Guests who stopped by for something else and decided to join the seminar! They were so nice and the woman gave me her email to send her these pictures, I lost it :(. If you somehow know her please send her a link, hehe.

To conclude, I put up a detailed post about this seminar in my first NYSC Ordeal post. Oh and feel free to ignore my hairline. I talked about how I’ve accepted the front hair may never grow in this post 25 Lessons in 25 Years.


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How To Make Stir Fry Sauce


The everyday rice & stew or Jollof struggle is real in Nigeria. So as a self-proclaimed foodie who only cooks when she’s absolutely hungry, I decided to try the stir fry sauce and it was ah-mazing! For the stir fry, I used pork. I know most people don’t like pork and tbh it wasn’t my first choice. Shoprite didn’t have beef and I was tired of anything chicken. Anyhoo, let’s get right into this, shall we?


  • Pork stir fry (you can use chicken or beef stir fry)
  • Flour
  • Vegetables (carrot, bell peppers, spring onion, green peas, onions etc.)
  • Ginger (you can add garlic)
  • Seasoned salt (this is now my secret spice for everything.Thank you, Valerie!)
  • Soy sauce (I didn’t find soy sauce in Shoprite so I took the Maggi Worcestershire sauce)

How to make stir fry sauce, quick and easy way || munastiic How to make stir fry sauce, quick and easy way || munastiic How to make stir fry sauce, quick and easy way || munastiicHow to make stir fry sauce, quick and easy way || munastiic


  • The first thing I do is chop the vegetables, I like to cut the carrots, onions and peppers in long pieces just like the meat. Cut the green beans, ginger, garlic, spring onions and the other orishirishi you wish to add and put them aside just like in the picture above.

How to make stir fry sauce, quick and easy way || munastiicHow to make stir fry sauce, quick and easy way || munastiicHow to make stir fry sauce, quick and easy way || munastiic

  • Wash the meat and put in a bowl
  • Add the seasoned salt and about 2 spoonfuls of flour and mix with your hands.
  • Heat your pan and add a little vegetable oil just enough to grease the pan.
  • Then fry your meat, this takes about 5mins just enough time for the meat to brown, it could be a little bit longer with beef and pork as chicken browns faster. When it’s brown enough, take it out and put aside like in the picture above.
  • Using the same pan, add your vegetables, you can drizzle some more vegetable oil and stir fry for a few seconds. I like my vegetables slightly crunchy so I try not to stir fry the vegetables for more than a minute, highest two.
  • Add the meat back in the pan with the vegetables and add your soy sauce. Don’t forget to add other seasonings like pepper, Maggi, curry etc.
  • Stir fry for a few seconds just to get everything around each other.
  • Time to enjoy! Serve with rice or pasta.

How to make stir fry sauce, quick and easy way || munastiic How to make stir fry sauce, quick and easy way || munastiic

I hope yours is as tasty as mine. Thank you for stopping by!